THOME sucked at predicting games, so we're shutting it down

I want to thank you for giving the THOME Projections daily email service a chance. The final results of the system trying to pick individual games to bet on was a spectacular, unmitigated, and wholly impressive disaster. So, we're going to shut it down, including deleting all user information from, and removing the Sign in / Settings functionality.

Next season, THOME will do only what it does well: predict the proper wagering side of season-long Team Totals wagers. On that endeavor, THOME is 40-20 over two seasons, and in 2019, the teams that THOME had a 70%+ confidence rating for went 15-3.

So we're going to focus our efforts on maintaining that performance.

Thanks for giving us a shot. Sorry it didn't work out. Really hope you weren't betting THOME's picks...